Zakira’s Garage, a classic and enthusiast vehicle restoration, modification and repair facility, seeks an Automotive Technician with broad experience vehicle repair and comfortable working on pre-1975 vehicles. This full-time position requires excellent diagnostic skills along with creative problem solving. The technician will encounter unusual and unique situations daily while working on vintage and often rare/unique vehicles. Zakira’s is often employed to service very low production or high value vehicles.

The technician may be called on to work on the carburetor on a 1920’s vehicle Monday, service a brake system on a muscle car Tuesday, and start an engine swap on a totally different vehicle Wednesday. The successful candidate must be adaptable and hungry to learn something new every day, as he or she is likely to be working on something new every day. This is not a regular service shop environment.

Key Requirements

  1. Excellent theoretical and practical understanding of operation of all vehicle systems including engines, fuel/ignition, suspension, brakes and electrical
  2. Ability to analyze a customer’s concerns with a vehicle and make thorough recommendations for addressing them along with parts and labor budgets
  3. Ability to analyze a vehicle on a SYSTEMS level and understand how repairing or altering one system will affect other vehicle systems
  4. Excellent time management skills – in order to keep on target with the project scope/budget and keep shop projects in motion; Zakira’s is a small but fast-moving shop and self-management is expected

Additional Job Qualifications

  • Experience diagnosing drivability issues on vehicles with carburetors and points-style distributors.
  • Experience rebuilding carburetors
  • Experience identifying non-standard problems, e.g., problems caused by prior poor repairs or swapping of parts
  • Experience in diagnosing electrical issues on 6V and 12V and positive or negative earth systems
  • Ability to work in situations where replacement parts are either unavailable or of poor quality which may require customizing parts or adapting universal parts.
  • Ability to do light fabrication work, e.g., making brackets, adapting parts that aren’t a direct bolt-on.
  • Comfort with factory specified repairs or aftermarket parts installation
  • Ability to research service procedures, specifications, etc. from a variety of sources to locate the necessary information to execute repairs
  • Excellent work ethic and pace coupled with care and craftsmanship in order to avoid damage to customer vehicles
  • Patience in handling vehicle components in a delicate fashion, especially when dealing with rare or expensive parts that may be seized to the vehicle
  • Experience with CAD and CNC machining is a plus
  • Experience with internal engine machine work is a plus
  • Experience in bodywork and paint is a plus


  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employee Discounts

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