At Zakira’s, we believe in excellent customer service.  We work extra hard at making sure your experience with us as stress-free and painless as possible.  This is no mean feat when working on old cars, let us assure you!

Our goal is to provide you utmost transparency and clarity regarding our work and warranties.  Below we’ve provided answers to some of the questions we hear most often.

1. What types of vehicles do you service?

The shop’s focus is classic and enthusiast vehicles from the early 1900s to the early 2000s.  At one end of the spectrum of cars we regularly service is a 1912 Ford Model T and at the other is a 2009 Bentley Arnage T. 

Give us a call to see if Zakira’s is the right shop to help you out with your classic / enthusiast vehicle.

2. Do you provide a warranty for your services?

Yes, we do.  Please see our Policies page for specifics.

3. What is your shop rate?


4. How quickly can you schedule my vehicle for inspection / repair?

It all depends on the season and our workload at the time.  Given the type of vehicles we service, winter months are typically slower and warmer months busier.  

Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

5. What does a typical visit to Zakira’s look like?

While there can be some variation depending on the vehicle and/or type of work required, most shop visits go something like this:

  1. Appointment Scheduling. When you call the shop to schedule an appointment, our service advisor will be able to determine if Zakira’s is the right shop to help you out and, if so, schedule a day for you to drop the car off.
  2. Vehicle Intake. Upon its arrival, the service advisor will examine your vehicle closely, take relevant pictures of its condition and spend time with you to thoroughly understand and document the issues with the vehicle as well as your expectations.
  3. Authorization Form. You’ll receive an authorization form detailing the inspection intended to identify the root cause and determine recommended repair paths.
  4. Vehicle Inspection. Once you’ve signed the authorization form, your vehicle will enter the work queue and undergo the proposed inspection focused on determining the root cause of the issue(s) requiring repair.  (Please note that sometimes additional diagnosis beyond the initial inspection will be required.)
  5. Project Estimate(s). Once the inspection is complete, the service advisor will inform you of the results and recommended repair paths.  You’ll receive and sign a project estimate authorizing Zakira’s to proceed with the proposed plan.  Once you’ve signed the estimate and made your initial payment, your vehicle will enter the work queue and undergo the proposed repairs.
  6. Project Communication. The service advisor will be communicating with you regularly throughout the project informing you of work progress and any unanticipated findings that may also require attention.
  7. Wrapping Up. You’ll receive the final invoice once all repairs are completed. When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, the service advisor will walk around the vehicle with you and go over the work done as well as the paperwork to make sure you understand and are comfortable with the services rendered. Settle the final invoice and take your repaired ride for a drive!
6. How are payments handled?

We require customers provide payment for parts and 25% of anticipated labor in advance. 

Customers receive invoices regularly throughout the course of the project; these provide a thorough description of work completed since the previous invoice as well as costs associated with any new parts unanticipated during the initial inspection. 

Work typically ceases until payments have been made. Quick customer responses ensure steady project progress.

Our service advisor will stay in close contact with you throughout the process so you’re always current on your project and associated expenses.

7. What happens if you find other issues or concerns with my vehicle?

As our technician navigates through your vehicle’s repair, all issues of potential concern other than the work at hand are noted in the Courtesy Observations section of your work order. 

More importantly, if the technician sees a safety-relevant issue (e.g., a brake system concern), this will be flagged as a Safety Concern in same section.  In fact, we take your safety so seriously we require your signature acknowledging that you were informed of safety concern.  We want to make sure you’re aware of all repair issues – especially critical safety concerns - before taking possession of your vehicle! 

–> Please note that these are just observations, not results of actual inspections. We’re simply noting what we see while addressing other issues.  Further inspections are often warranted to determine the root cause of the observed issue.

8. Do you allow customers to provide their own parts for the required service?

Zakira’s DOES NOT install customer-provided parts under any circumstances.  Only in this way can we take full responsibility for selection, installation, servicing and vendor / manufacturer warranting of parts.

9. Do you provide towing?

In general, we recommend you have your vehicle moved by a towing service experienced with classic and enthusiast vehicles. We recommend insisting on a flatbed truck since this is almost always the safest way to get your vehicle from one place to another.

Local Towing.  Give Sora’s Towing a call at (513) 831-9400.  They’re open 24h/day and have lots of experience with classic and enthusiast vehicles. 

If you require an enclosed trailer, Zakira’s will be able to accommodate your needs directly.  Prices will depend on distance and difficulty.

Long Distance Towing.  Give us a call for long distance vehicle shipping options.

Please note that Zakira’s does not provide any guarantee regarding the quality of services provided by any towing service that we mention. The towing of your vehicle is governed solely by your agreement with the towing service; Zakira’s has no liability to this end.