Vehicle Storage

Whether you require seasonal or year-round climate-controlled storage, Zakira’s has a number of options to meet your needs. We’re able to facilitate / provide additional services such as transportation arrangements, inspections, detailing, etc., to customize a solution perfect for your needs. Your vehicle will receive excellent care in our hands.

Owners of stored vehicles will receive 10% off any labor performed by our shop during the time the vehicle is being stored in our facility.

Security and Insurance

The safety and security of the vehicles in our care is our top priority.  Our storage facility is equipped with the latest security, fire and safety equipment to ensure that vehicles stored with us receive top-tier security and protection.

  • secure, access-controlled indoor space
  • 24/7 video surveillance and security monitoring
  • keys tagged / stored in secure locker
  • commercial fire suppression and monitoring
  • owner anonymity protected

Zakira’s Garage carries comprehensive insurance specifically designed for the unique valuations and insurance coverages required for vintage and collector vehicle storage and handling.

Compressors, air conditioners on the roof of the office building

Environmental Control

Our facility’s environment is managed by computer-controlled HVAC systems calibrated to keep the entire facility at a minimum of 65°F, reducing the likelihood of condensation, thus minimizing corrosion of unprotected metals, reducing destructive moisture buildup in brake and fuel systems as well as helping preserve wood and leather.

Furthermore, our concrete gallery floor is epoxy painted / sealed, minimizing dust and reducing corrosion from moisture rising from the ground beneath stored vehicles.

Storage Specifics

We work hard to make sure your vehicles are kept in tip-top shape during their stay in our facility.  Their condition is monitored regularly and we’re able to address any needed repairs in-house.  And if you need something beyond just storage, we’re able to accommodate most requests - from transportation to photography to detailing services.  Just ask!

  • thorough inspection on vehicle arrival / departure
  • battery conditioner provided upon request to keep battery in top condition
  • drip mat provided to monitor fluid loss(es)
  • vehicle covers provided upon request


Valet vehicle access

  • Monday - Friday, 9AM to 6PM
  • weekends by request
  • after hours drop off available by request