Zakira’s is very excited to offer vehicle storage options for our customers.  Whether you need seasonal or year-round storage, we have options to meet your needs.  We also provide many a la carte concierge services to customize a solution perfect for your specific situation.  Your vehicle will receive excellent care in our hands.


The safety and security of the cars in our care is our top priority.  Our storage facility is equipped with the latest security, fire and safety equipment to ensure that cars stored with us receive top-tier security and protection.

  • secure, access-controlled indoor space
  • 24/7 video surveillance and security monitoring
  • keys tagged / stored in secure locker
  • commercial fire suppression and monitoring
  • owner anonymity protected


Zakira’s Garage carries comprehensive insurance specifically designed for the unique valuations and insurance coverages required for vintage and collector car storage and handling.

Compressors, air conditioners on the roof of the office building


Our facility’s environment is managed by computer-controlled HVAC systems calibrated to keep the entire facility at a minimum of 65°F, reducing the likelihood of condensation, thus minimizing corrosion of unprotected metals, reducing destructive moisture buildup in brake and fuel systems as well as helping preserve wood and leather.

Furthermore, our concrete gallery floor is epoxy painted / sealed, minimizing dust and reducing corrosion from moisture rising from the ground beneath stored cars.

Discounted Services

Owners of stored vehicles will receive 10% off any services performed by our shop.


Valet vehicle access:

  • Mon - Fri, 9AM to 6PM
  • weekends by request
  • after hours drop off available by request

Storage Specifics

Vehicle Check-In / Return

  • complete inspection and photo/video documentation of vehicle condition
  • option of a hand wash, dry and vacuum prior to storage


Vehicle Storage

  • each vehicle provided with battery conditioner
  • biweekly checks are conducted on battery status
  • drip mat underneath the vehicle to monitor fluid loss
  • exterior dusting


Vehicle Departure

  • prior to vehicle departure:
    • lighting / horn / wipers checked
    • tire pressures adjusted
    • windshield cleaned
  • upon return, vehicle:
    • condition is checked and documented
    • is returned to its allocated position in the gallery

Concierge Services

  • on-site hand washing / detailing services
  • paint correction and ceramic coating
  • tire rotation
  • transportation arrangements
  • pre-sale / purchase assistance
  • pre-post-purchase inspections
  • professional photography
  • increased tire pressures to reduce tire flat spotting for vehicles less frequently driven
  • bi-monthly outside run-up (weather permitting), including:
    • bringing engine up to full operating temperature
    • on-premises driving to lubricate seals and exercise brakes, clutch and gears
    • check lighting and window operation
    • exercise convertible top (if applicable)
  • delivery to / pick up from desired location

Give us call and schedule a visit to see our storage facility!