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Zakira’s Garage is different from most other shops.  First, we work on all sorts of vehicles, from all decades, all the time.  For example, in just one year we serviced a 1912 Ford Model T and a 2009 Bentley Arnage T – as well as everything in between.  We’re often asked to work on very low production or high value vehicles.  We consider ourselves very lucky to have a vehicular cornucopia passing through the shop every year.  The variety of vehicles in the shop at any one time can be mindboggling.

That said, while such variety is awesome, it definitely brings significant challenges.  Feel free to peruse our Some Key Facts About Old Cars page.  Each and every of the dozen points is true.  Servicing older vehicles is very much not like servicing a newer vehicle!

Second, while we work very hard at repairing, modifying and restoring vehicles, we also pride ourselves on providing a great customer experience. Our customers are not run of the mill customers.  Their vehicles are not run of the mill vehicles.  These are not daily drivers.  And our customers tend to have a much closer bond with their vehicles than most vehicle owners.  This demands a different approach to our market.  Our customers have a right to expect our team to have a similar passion for vehicles as they have.  Many have a strong emotional bond with their pride and joy.  Many have more than a passing knowledge of how their vehicles work and some even become part of the advisory team working on their favorite pastime.

All of this adds up to a unique shop with a unique customer base, unique vehicles and an equally unique team in the shop.  We’re always looking for skilled, motivated and talented individuals to join our team. Our team receives excellent benefits such as health insurance, a 401(k) match plan, paid time off (PTO), a Health Savings Account (HSA) and employee discounts.

If you think you have the passion to do our kind of work with precision, enjoy challenges and teamwork as well as a strong focus on customer service, Zakira’s Garage may be a great place for you. Take a look at the positions listed below and email us at



Zakira’s Garage, a classic and enthusiast vehicle restoration, modification and repair facility, seeks an Automotive Technician with broad experience vehicle repair and comfortable working on pre-1975 vehicles. This full-time position requires excellent diagnostic skills along with creative problem solving. The technician will encounter unusual and unique situations daily while working on vintage and often rare/unique vehicles. Zakira’s is often employed to service very low production or high value vehicles.

The technician may be called on to work on the carburetor on a 1920’s vehicle Monday, service a brake system on a muscle car Tuesday, and start an engine swap on a totally different vehicle Wednesday. The successful candidate must be adaptable and hungry to learn something new every day, as he or she is likely to be working on something new every day. This is not a regular service shop environment.

Please send resumes to