Our Services

Zakira’s offers a broad array of vehicle services!

We’re able to address most any issue you might have with your vehicle – from basic oil changes to extensive modifications to simply freshening up your ride for the next driving season.  Let us help you keep your ride looking and running great all year round!

Repair / Maintenance

Sometimes all you need is just the basic stuff…  preventative maintenance, a brake job, tire swap, battery check, oil change…   we do these daily and are happy to help you out!  In the video, one of our techs is working on rear brakes on an older British car – after all, brakes comprise one of the most critical systems in your car.

Modification (Performance, Safety, Extras)

Our decades of experience modifying vehicles comes in handy when you want to add A/C to your old cruiser.  Or when you decide that drum brakes just won’t cut it anymore and you’d like to get a safe, modern set of disc brakes.  Or when you’d like to replace your aging inline 6-cylinder with a more powerful yet comparatively fuel-efficient V8.  Whatever your dream, we can probably help you get there, whether it’s performance modifications, safety improvements or creature comforts…  Here you can see a modern engine transplant into a 1971 Pontiac Trans Am that will give the owner a whole lot of passing power – and even more smiles!

Rejuvenation / Restoration

We have spent years rebuilding, refurbishing, rejuvenating and restoring cars and trucks.  And often (not always) we can recreate parts that are NLA (no longer available) in our shop.  Our cars have been featured at many car shows from local cars and coffee meets to various national concours events.  Here is a refreshed 1980s Porsche Turbo motor we’ve gone through to keep in tip-top shape.  We can help make your tired ride look and drive better – sometimes even better than new!